Tip of the iceberg

I wanted to create contrasts and illusions, something organic that meets something clean. With this in mind I created an iceberg that seems to hover inside a rectangle.

By stacking flat sheets of paper, each cut out as unique icebergs, and threading them on to the the rectangle I created a  three-dimensional shape. 

A part of the iceberg is sticking up through the frame to partly break the stiff shape and thereby create a more interesting piece. But it also symbolizes an icebergs actual shape where only a small part is above the surface, where the frame of the rectangle is symbolizing the horizon.

The sculpture was displayed at Antalis showroom at Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm during christmas 2018.

Created by Sofia Stiernelöf, november 2018.

My sculpture in the window at Antalis Showroom. Together with another sculpture created by Martina Taengh and a poster created by Jan Görs.

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