Pine Perfume

PINE was our contribution to the contest PIDA 2018.
The brief was to create a packaging with an unboxing experience for a premium product. 
We created a packaging for a unisex perfume, inspired by the forest. 
To give a sense of luxury and something unique, we wanted the customer to experience the product with all senses. Starting by just feeling the surface of the box, which we printed with a woodgrain pattern that you can feel, almost like braille. And then discover more and more during the unboxing.

Our main mission was to focus on the benefits of the material and to reduce the amount of glue, which resulted in no glue at all. The stability comes from the material and the construction.
We made a cube formed box, 13x13x13 cm, to make it larger than the traditional perfume box so it stands out on the shelf. But still small enough that you can grip it with one hand.
The aesthetics symbolize the beauty of the forest, something clean and simple but jet fascinating. From the beautiful and strong outside into the shear and pure heart of the tree.

This project was made by me, Zaida Andersson, Johanna Hellquist and Camilla Heed. Februari – March 2018.

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