This was a school project that we did for ICA Sverige, a Swedish grocery store chain. The task was to create a design for their vegetarian collection.  

The entire construction is made with an environmental thinking, with as little plastic as possible. For the fresh food we used a paper tray from Rottneros Packaging, that is made out of sustainable moulded pulp. With the same resources that needs to create one plastic tray, you can create 15 of these paper trays.

We made a sleeve to wrap around the tray, to get a larger surface to print on and thereby communicate better with the customer. 

The design has fresh colors that tells what kind of vegetarian food it is. Green for vegan, blue for lacto-ovo (dairy and egg), pink for ovo (egg) and purple for lacto (dairy). The colors are inspired by the Scandinavian sky and nature. 

The photographs is exploding with spices and flavours, to communicate the good taste and inspire the customers. 

Created by Sofia Stiernelöf, Adam Wass, Lisa Tillander and Lotta Weichsel. November – December 2018. 

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