The last 6 weeks of my education of packaging design at Brobygrafiska, we had our degree projects. My group, including myself, Sofie Gustafsson and Linnéa Danielsson, created a series of products for Gothenburgs botanical garden. Our quest was to broaden their target group.

We saw a need amongst young adults, a group that the past few years have embraced farming and cultivation as a trend and a new-found interest. It’s also a group that often lives tight and who rarely has any time over. Hence a new, green wave with focus on houseplants and readily cultivation has risen.

After our analysis of target group, environment and purpose we landed in three key values that summons the business:
Science, availability and popular movement.
With these in mind we created products that would attract aware, urban people. With practical solutions and easy instructions we thrive to make farming accessible.

These are our products:
– The seed paper. Biodegradable paper with seeds in it, just put the paper in a pot with soil, sprinkle some more soil on top and add water. Done.
Comes in a round box inspired by the petri dish.
– Blommor för bin / Bee-savers. A giftbox with three different kinds of flower seeds that bees love. It also comes with a “farming for dummies”-folder.
– Allt-i-ett-kruka / All-in-one-pot. One pot, complete with soil and the seed paper. Just add water.
– Soil bag. Our soil bag, unlike others, is made with a flat bottom so that you can easily store it, and when in need of soil – you can easily open it without getting dirt all over. It comes with a handle so it’s also easy to carry. And it’s easy to plant directly in the bag. Easy, easy, easy.
– Schyssta lökar / The bulbous plant-bag. A basket especially made for 6 bulbous plants, such as crocus or tulips. A completely glue-free packaging with custom made cut-outs for the pots. Skip the bouquet – this is the perfect gift.

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